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Employment opportunities are available to all positions related to the Restaurant Business.
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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

The basic tenants of Nachos Mexican Cantina Australia philosophy and general guidelines are held in the policy of equal employment opportunity. Based on firm business and moral principles, the Company is totally committed to a positive, results oriented program offering equal employment opportunity to all. It is the intent of the Company to comply not only with the requirements but also the spirit of the law in implementing all facets of equal employment opportunity.

No Discrimination - Pursuant to applicable law, the Company with regards to recruitment, selection, training, utilization, upgrading or termination of an individual or with regards to any other personnel related activity, will not discriminate as to race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national origin, veteran status or marital status. This fundamental rule of conduct will be clearly communicated among all Nachos Mexican Cantina employees, prospective employees and the community at large.

Locations and Hours
141 Nepean Highway
Ph: 03 9580 2085

Mon to Thur from 6pm
Fri to Sun from 5.30pm
175 Waverley Rd
Ph: 03 9888-3866

Mon to Fri from 6pm
Sat from 5.30pm
Sun from 6pm-9pm

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